‘Scumbag’ Cheesecake Thief Sends Office Into Passive-Aggressive Meltdown

A regular afternoon at the BBC involves the stuff of serious journalism: reporting on important international news, delivering on the organization's duty of keeping the citizenry informed. It's just when a rogue kitchen thief manages to upset the fragile equilibrium of the workplace, it all goes straight to hell. 

Earlier this week, news editor Rachel Kennedy posted a scathing note in the company newsroom. It was not a happy message, as she informed her coworkers that her cheesecake had been stolen by some "scumbag" in the office: 

The drama seemed to permeate the organization's rank and file. And because these are journalists we're talking about, they tweeted much of the saga as it unraveled. What became known as #cheescakegate spread across the pond. Then, talk of an Anchorman-style melee surfaced: 

Then, out of nowhere, producer Amrit Singh Cheema replaced the stolen cheesecake. Extended as a peace offering, he attached his own note, urging calm and charity: 

But then, things got truly out hand. As a palpable relief was surely spreading throughout the office -- imagine staffers enjoying a lovely slice of cheesecake, returned to its rightful place in the employee break room — the thief struck again. 

While the cheesecake debacle surely pissed some BBC staffers off, it wasn't seismic enough to mess with the organization's programming. The news carried on with journalists deprived of their desserts. Such is life in the hardscrabble media business. 

[h/t Mashable]

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