Sean Spicer Left His Venmo Account Public, So People Are Trolling Him for Money

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White House press secretary Sean Spicer -- of Saturday Night Live parody-fame -- isn’t very good at securing his online accounts. Due to his terse style and salty relationship with the press, he’s become a meme du jour. Accidentally tweeting what appeared to be a personal password, and declaring war on Dippin' Dots, hasn’t endeared him to the internet, either.

But he apparently isn’t done getting trounced by trolls. Someone poking around Venmo discovered that Spicer has a public account, meaning the floodgates have opened on his profile.

People are requesting butt-loads of money for various reasons, and also sending him their two-cents, literally.

It’s unclear if the Venmo really belongs to Spicer, but the account’s 26 contacts do include a cadre of D.C. media and former Trump campaign personnel. With the requests trickling into his inbox, it isn’t hard to imagine a frown spreading over Spicer’s face as he furiously chews 35 pieces of cinnamon-flavored gum.

Hell, even The Onion couldn’t write this.

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