This Robot Will Deliver Food to Your Airport Gate While You Wait

Don't worry about missing your flight while you're waiting in line for food.

Courtesy of Port of Seattle
Courtesy of Port of Seattle

I have this nagging fear that no matter how early I am for a flight, I will miss the boarding process. Given that I've done this before, it tracks. But since then, I've taken to triple-checking my gate and posting up there. Now, a robot is here to make sure that I, and like-minded others, don't go hungry while doing so. 

The Seattle Airport has introduced a mobile ordering service, dubbed OrderSEA, that allows you to get delivery from 16 restaurants straight to your gate by way of a robot named Gita.

"Technology can make your airport experience more flexible and less stressful," Port of Seattle Commissioner Sam Cho said in a statement. "OrderSEA means travelers can skip standing in a crowded line, the least fun and most stressful part of any trip."

The innovative technology can carry up to 40 pounds of food, Travel + Leisure reports. And while currently, as part of a continued trial, Gita will be accompanied by a human to ensure a seamless delivery process, independent robots could be sent out on their own as demand increases.  

In addition to bringing you McDonald's, Trail Head BBQ Bar, and Pizza Vino, among other restaurants, passengers can also use SEA Spot Saver to reserve a time slot for TSA security checkpoints and snag pre-booked parking with Sea-Tac. Basically, this airport is looking to eliminate all your typical travel headaches. But if the travel stress still gets to you, stop by the Seattle Airport's shot bar, a libation stop that serves only shots.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.