Self-Driving Chairs Exist Now Because Waiting in Line Sucks

Man, life used to be dark. There was no internet, vending machines didn’t serve pizza and cars had no way of driving themselves. But advances in technology have made many of the trivialities that used to annoy your grandpa a thing of the past.

Take waiting in line, for instance. Everyone’s done it, but in a certain number of years you won’t have to, because Nissan has developed self-driving chairs for your fatigued legs and tender spirit. The chairs use the same technology employed by Nissan’s self-driving car unit -- ProPILOT -- and like an autonomous vehicle, use sensors to gauge distance between things you might run into, like other moving chairs. They lumber along at slow speeds, optimizing the mind-numbing experience of queuing up at the DMV.

The self-driving chairs won’t show up at your local Whole Foods tomorrow. Nissan has only allocated enough to finance the development of nine of these wondrous thrones, all of which you can see in the video.

But you do have cause for excitement: In the future, you’ll work at a standing desk and maybe sit in a chair while queuing up for the iPhone 30. It'll be a rapturous time to be alive -- and for things we don't really need. 

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