Can You Possibly Look Away from This Ridiculous Selfie-Stick Arm?


In my (not) esteemed opinion, the selfie stick gets a bad wrap. Is it really so wrong that people want to put their phones on extendable sticks and take pictures of themselves? We have a lot more pressing issues in the world right now to spew vitriol over an aluminum stick with a smartphone on the tip. Plus, for every selfie stick used, one fewer stranger is annoyingly asked to take a picture of tourists. And they occasionally provide moments like this, which make them all worth it in the end. 

In Japan -- the country maybe most closely associated with the picture-taking peripheral -- the SS just received its most ingenious update since Bluetooth stuck it's glowing blue nose right into our sticks, in the form of the borderline magical (and terribly discreet) selfie-arm stick.

An enterprising young man going by the name of Mansooon brought his passion project to Japanese comedy site Omocoroafter reportedly being too embarrassed to use his beloved selfie sticks in public. Which is a persecution the young man should neither face, nor accept. 


While fixing a prosthetic limb on the end of a selfie-stick shouldn't be too difficult, there's no word yet on how exactly young Mr. Mansooon managed to steal Slenderman's sweater -- but we'll deliver that info as it comes in.

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer for Thrillist. His arm is already that long. It's awkward. Follow him @wilfulton

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