Twitter Is Really Into the Dance Moves of Senegal's World Cup Team

Technically the World Cup is about bringing humanity together for a bit of friendly competition and establishing the best soccer team in the world. And that's definitely true. But it's also now about dancing, thanks to the unbelievably smooth moves of Senegal's team.  

Senegal's match with Japan ended with a draw on Sunday meaning we'll have to wait a bit to find out who's the better team, but there's little doubt about who would win in a dance-off. You can see their pre-game dance above.

And then just below you can see the incredible moves they busted out to celebrate in their last game. The ref eventually waves them along, but you one assumes he was conflicted about putting a stop to something so pure and beautiful. 

How much happy you can you fit in a video? There might be even more in the dance just after Senegal's victory over Poland. Sure, they're not all moving in the same direction, but that's not the point. The point is experiencing joy, and we highly recommend it. 

Twitter has even taken a break from being the purest distillation of negative energy in the history of humanity to celebrate how great this is. 

The dance moves have even been winning over fans from other teams.

There'll be more moves to come when Senegal plays Columbia on June 28, but let's hope they go all the way for the dancing alone.

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