Advent Calendar Full of Sex Toys Will Deliver Smiles to All the Girls and Boys

sex toy advent calendar
Lovehoney | Thrillist/Dustin Nelson

Thanksgiving is almost here and with it a whole holiday season full of rituals, whether that's hanging mistletoe or making poor decisions at the end-of-year office party, everyone has a routine. U.K.-based sex toy retailer Lovehoney has a plan to shake up that routine. Their Big Box of Sexual Happiness is a surprising twist on the traditional advent calendar, filled with $300 worth of sex toys instead of far less satisfying Tic Tac-sized chocolates.

Just like an advent calendar suited to children, there are 24 doors that open up with a little surprise inside that will help keep the holiday blues at bay. "The sequences of gifts has been choreographed to build up erotic tension for a mind-blowing finale just before Christmas Day," Lovehoney says.

"Our research shows that Christmas is the friskiest time of the year for couples," says Lovehoney product director Bonny Hall. "We have carefully picked the very best products available from Lovehoney for people to enjoy in the build up to the big day." Among the surprises are a vibrator, a love ring, restraints, and male stroker, and it costs just $150.

If you get it for a loved one, at a minimum, they probably haven't received a gift quite like this before. 

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