Innocent Vibrating Sex Toy Causes Security Scare on AirAsia Flight


Airline security scares aren’t usually caused by sex toys, because sex toys aren’t typically confused with bombs. But on Wednesday, an AirAsia flight in Thailand saw its departure interrupted by a tiny vibrator tucked away inside a piece of checked baggage.

According to the UK’s Daily Star, bomb disposal experts were immediately called when a passenger’s rucksack started mysteriously vibrating. Terrified baggage handlers feared the worst, until they realized it wasn’t an explosive they were dealing with, but a friendly lil' dildo that meant no harm.

To be clear, the scene didn’t look that dire. You can sense the subtle humor that emergency responders must have felt when unearthing the thing, which was shaped like an egg.

An anonymous bag handler said: "The passenger is unaware that their bag caused a security alert. I think they would be deeply embarrassed if they found out."

Of course, the scare isn’t to be trivialized. AirAsia dealt with some tragedies in recent years, so it’s surely a relief for everyone involved. AirAsia flight FD3438 departed Chiang Mai International Airport for Bangkok after just a five-minute delay. It landed ahead of schedule with no people or sex toys harmed.

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