Shake 'N Bake Drops Its Signature Plastic Shaker Bag to Support Sustainability Efforts

The brand has reported steady double-digit growth since 2019.

Shake 'N Bake isn't only a catchy and iconic phrase used by the legendary Ricky Bobby; it's also a quick and easy dinner staple. Now the evening table classic is getting an environmentally friendly update. The brand recently announced it would drop its signature plastic shaker bag in an effort to cut down on plastic waste.

Until now, Shake 'N Bake's plastic bags have been used to coat raw pieces of meat in a delicious seasoned breadcrumb mix. That's where the "shake" part comes from, in case you really needed things spelled out.

Removing the bag from the Shake 'N Bake package will save more than 900,000 pounds of plastic waste annually, according to a statement by product manufacturer The Kraft Heinz Company.

The decision comes on the heels of a survey conducted by the brand, which resulted in 73% of its customers stating that they'd like to opt for less plastic use.

"As a family staple for over 50 years, we are proud to evolve with the world around us, ushering in a new effort to help our brand—and our fans—take steps toward a more sustainable future," Brianna Galvin, Shake 'N Bake's brand manager, said in a statement. "While the 'shaker' bag is an important part of our legacy, our product is just as effective and delicious without the plastic waste, and we are excited for all the good to come from this simple, yet effective packaging change."

The packaging update follows a period of sustained growth for the company. Shake 'N Bake has reported a steady growth rate of 10.1 percent since 2019.

The brand's sustainability efforts contribute to The Kraft Heinz Company's broader environmental awareness goals. The company aims to make 100% of its packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

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