Shake Shack Is Giving Away Tons of Free Fries, Burgers, and Lots More

free shake shack deal

I don't know that I should recommend gambling as a way of coming out on top. By its very nature -- stop the presses -- most gambling ends with you losing. But that's not going to be the case with special new scratch-off cards from Shake Shack.

For its Black Fryday celebration (oh ho ho!), you can land free fries, burgers, and more from the nation's most famous Shack not associated with the B-52s. From November 27 through December 1, you're going to get a scratch-off ticket with any order made through the Shack pick-up app or Grubhub. (Shake Shack just started a delivery partnership with Grubhub earlier this month.)

Have the person next to you kiss the dice, because even though every card is a winner, there are definitely levels of being a winner. You're just kind of winning if you get free Grubhub delivery on a $15 order. It's a little better if you land a card with free fries ($15 order minimum) or a free burger ($20 order minimum). But the royal flush of this situation is very clearly a year of free Shake Shack. (That's what they're calling it, and that's true unless you spend more than $2,500 a year there. That's how much the gift card will be worth.)

Is it as fun as McDonald's Monopoly was when you were a kid? No, but it probably comes with less controversy. Don't forget to share your year of free burgers and chicken sandwiches with your friends. 

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