Shake Shack Wants to Give Your Date a Free Burger Tonight

There's no time like a Friday night to entrench yourself in the coded depths of a dating app. You're feeling good, algorithmic romance is in the air, and you've definitely got some good banter going with Atticus -- who is reportedly 26, a tropical house DJ, and "thinks you look better with no makeup on." He might just be the one.

That's where Shake Shack comes in, unlikely hero that it is. Just for today (October 26), the spot is partnering with Bumble, the popular dating app that requires female users to message their suitors first (the rules don't apply for same-sex couples), in order to give participants a specialty buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) deal on burgers. If it's not clear, the extra burger is intended for your date. This is a plenty good excuse to expedite the process, and let Atticus know you'd like to meet tonight. 

To redeem the special, you've got to swipe through your Bumble feed until Shake Shack's profile comes up. In place of personal details pertaining to a beardy janitor in a denim jacket, you'll find a promo code and additional relevant info. You can either submit the code in the Shake Shack app, or show your phone screen to a real-life Shake Shack employee in the flesh. In turn, you will score some sweet, free ground beef. 

Like with app-dating, there is, of course, some fine print. You've got to spend over $10 to redeem the offer, so consider hitting a Shake Shack location that sells beer and wine. Also, your date's order must be less than $6, so tell Atticus to come hungry, but not that hungry. 

And, as I'm sure you've been contemplating all along, it is extremely possible to scam your way into a free burger without making plans to dine with a stranger you met on the internet. Only one of you is required to display your Bumble screen at the counter, so you might also consider using this promotion to enjoy a meal with a person you actually like. 

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Eliza Dumais is a news writer at Thrillist who has never dated a man named Atticus. Follow her on Twitter.