Shake Shack Is Making Chicken Nuggets Now

Edited - Courtesy of Shake Shack
Edited - Courtesy of Shake Shack

While many may argue that Shake Shack flips the best fast-casual burgers in the biz, the beloved chain is not afraid to stray from its beef-patty-between-a-bun roots. It's branched out into crispy chicken sandwiches, hot chicken sandwiches, and even toyed with fresh lobster ;options. Now, it's taking yet another step to expand its menu offerings by making chicken nuggets.

This may be the best nugget news since Burger King's spicy nugs made their triumphant return on 4/20.

On Monday, Shake Shack announced that it will soon begin testing the nuggets, or Chick'n Bites, at select NYC locations before expanding into other cities sometime in October. The bite-sized pieces of fried chicken will be available in six- or 10-piece variations, and served with either BBQ or honey mustard sauces. Additionally, they'll be made from fresh, never-frozen and all natural antibiotic-free chicken that's cooked sous-vide style to maximize juiciness. 

Nugget-heads in New York will be the first to get the chance to try out the new menu offering when they're launched at the West Village Shack and Innovation Kitchen on Tuesday, September 18. They'll be available in other NYC locations beginning in late September, and then up-for-grabs in various other unspecified markets across the country in October

Sounds like some more "secret" menu items may be in the offing.

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