Shake Shack Is Finally Headed to the Bay Area

shake shack in california bay area
Shake Shack

Shake Shack is kicking off 2018 by announcing an expansion into an area that has been without smashed Double ShackBurgers for too long. The New York-based chain is opening its first-ever locations in Northern California, starting with Palo Alto at the Stanford Shopping Center in fall 2018.

A statement from the company says it is "also considering locations in Marin County and the Marina District of San Francisco." A representative told the San Francisco Chronicle that the Larkspur location is having the lease agreement worked out. So, while there's no opening date attached to the other two locations, at least one of them appears to be close to being finalized.

As for the location in San Francisco, the company is eyeing a 2019 opening in the Marina District. “Without a doubt, San Francisco has been one of, if not my favorite city to eat in,” CEO Randy Garutti told the Chronicle. “We have a profound respect for the city and its chefs. We were just wanting to find the right time to come here.”

Shake Shack currently has 15 locations on the West Coast, split between areas in and around Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, and Los Angeles. There are also locations in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and all over the northeast where the company started.

Get ready for hot chicken, crinkle cut fries, and having a beer with your fast food, Bay Area.

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