Shake Shack Prices Are Going up, Again

Countless gourmet burgers have shown the world that just because it's greasy and topped with American cheese, doesn't mean it's cheap. Shake Shack is no exception, either, and the famous burger chain is raising its prices for the third time in three years. Each delicious morsel of a Shack Stack is gonna cost you that much more.

CEO Randy Garutti announced to investors the price hike will hit early in 2016, with no word on the exact dollar amounts -- only that prices are reportedly only rising by a single-digit percentage. It's probably not enough to make you question ordering that side of fries, and the chain said the increase is coming to pay its workers a livable wage. Shake Shack is known for paying employees higher than minimum wage in a number of locations, and as the minimum wage increases, naturally, so do these wages. According to Business Insider, the CEO said the extra dollars are expected to "partially offset and to help, but certainly not offset completely what we're going to see with labor in this country over the [next] two, three, four years."
This probably won't be the last burger price hike for the next few years. But if you've ever buried your face into a SmokeShack and a pile of cheese fries, well, you're probably more worried about the line wrapping around the corner more than the pocket-change increase.

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