Shake Shack Has a New Korean-Style Menu with Sweet & Spicy Chicken

The burger chain is heating things up with gochujang.

Courtesy of Shake Shack

Shake Shack—widely beloved for its classic cheeseburgers and fried chicken sandwiches—has been mixing things up quite a bit the past few months with a Mama's Too collab, Bar Sardine tribute, and even a truffle-inspired lineup. Now, the New York-based burger slinger is kicking off the new year with another major menu addition that packs some sweet and spicy heat. 

Shake Shack announced Tuesday that it's unleashing a whole Korean-inspired menu, available now through April 5 at locations nationwide—unlike previous limited-edition menu items that were restricted to the NYC and LA areas. The centerpiece of the lineup is the new Korean-style Fried Chick’n sandwich, which features a fried chicken breast glazed with spicy-sweet gochujang (a fermented chili paste) and a kimchi slaw made with Choi's Kimchi, according to a Shake Shack spokesperson.

"Korean-style Fried Chick’n has been on our minds ever since we created it for our locations in South Korea," Culinary Director Mark Rosati told Thrillist. "Shake Shack has an extensive global presence, and we’ve seen a lot of growth in South Korea over the past several years. We are excited to celebrate some of that with this sandwich back home!"

The limited-edition menu includes four items, including the chicken sandwich:

  • Korean-style Fried Chick’n sandwich: a glazed crispy chicken breast with sweet and spicy gochujang sauce with kimchi slaw, and topped with toasted sesame seeds for $7.19. 
  • Korean-style Gochujang Chick’n Bites: crispy white meat chicken bites coated in a sweet and spicy gochujang mayo sauce—$5.19 for 6-piece and $7.19 for 10-piece. 
  • Korean-style Gochujang Fries: crinkle cut fries with gochujang mayo sauce for $3.49. 
  • Black Sugar Vanilla Shake: caramel, toasted black sugar hand-spun with vanilla frozen custard, topped with whipped cream and black sugar syrup for $5.69. 
"We’re always looking at ways we can add fun and excitement to our menu, and we know that our guests are constantly craving new menu items and flavors from us," Rosati said. "We can’t wait to unveil what else we have in store for this year… stay tuned!"

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.
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