Shake Shack Adds 2 New Menu Items Just in Time for the Super Bowl

We're watching for the snacks anyway.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Buffalo Spiced Cheese Fries
Courtesy of Shake Shack

Don't get me wrong. I love football. I'm just not sure I would love it quite as much if there weren't snacks. Touchdowns are a whole lot more fun to celebrate when you're double-fisting beer and a chicken wing. And now, just in time for the Super Bowl, Shake Shack is launching two new menu items, which are primed for your watch party.

To celebrate the biggest football game of the year, Shake Shack is introducing a new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Buffalo Spiced Cheese Fries, both of which you can get between January 28 and April 25. 

"We're always looking for fun ways to exceed our Shack fans' expectations by creating inspired takes on the classics, and buffalo sauce just pairs so wonderfully with our classic Chicken Shack," Culinary Director Mark Rosati told Thrillist. "Buffalo chicken is also so beloved, especially around this time of year for sports fans, and our new buffalo menu is a way to pay homage to that." 

The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich features a classic crispy, hand-breaded chicken breast slathered in buffalo sauce and topped with ranch, pickles, and shredded lettuce. The new menu, which was first tested last year in New York and California, finds the perfect balance of flavors between the heat-forward buffalo sauce and a cooling ranch, Rosati notes. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Spiced Cheese Fries add buffalo seasoning and a side of ranch to the chain's tried and true cheese sauce-smothered fries. 

"We're most excited for our fans to try our Shack-made buffalo sauce. We wanted to create more depth of flavor and nuance within the classic sauce people know and love," Rosati added. "We also think our fans will love that they don't have to wing it and can enjoy the delicious, tangy buffalo flavor without having to worry about so much of the mess. We definitely didn't skimp on the sauce, ranch too, so more mess than our typical sandwiches can be expected, but it's still much easier to eat than saucy wings." 

The menu will be available exclusively through the Shake Shack app as of January 25 if you're desperate to get an early taste of the buffalo faves.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.