Shake Shack Has 6 New Seasonal Drinks for Winter

Get some winterades and milkshakes for the holiday season.

Courtesy of Shake Shack

Seasonal drinks don't end with pumpkin and apple-flavored beverages. As the months get colder and the winter season approaches, most brands are putting in the work and launching a new flavor or two. Shake Shack is actually unveiling six new drinks, including three milkshakes and three winterades.

The winterades are juicy and punchier, with Apple Ciderade, Cran Citrus Punch, and Pomegranate Yuzu Lemonade varieties. The Ciderade is a mixture of actual apple cider mixed with vanilla and lemonade, and the Punch is a mix of cranberry and white grape juices mixed with orange and lemonade. Finally, the Lemonade is a mix of yuzu and pomegranate juices, also mixed with lemonade. It's hard to make a refreshing beverage for the cooler months, but these three combos sound incredible.

Courtesy of Shake Shack

If you're looking for something a bit heartier, there are three seasonal milkshake flavors. The Christmas Cookie Shake is made with sugar cookie frozen custard and topped with whipped cream and holiday sprinkles. The Chocolate Milk & Cookies Shake comes with chocolate cookies that were hand-spun with malted chocolate frozen custard, and it is topped with whipped cream and chocolate cookie crumble. Finally, the Sugar Plum Fairy Shake is made with raspberry jam Linzer cookies and hand-spun with vanilla frozen custard. There is also whipped cream and white chocolate unicorn bark on top of the shake.

The drinks are all seasonal, so naturally, they won't be offered at Shake Shack forever. Make sure to try them before they are gone.

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