Shake Shack Is Making a Lobster Burger

shake shack lobster burger
Courtesy of Shake Shack

Less than a month after adding a new hot chicken sandwich to its menu nationwide, Shake Shack is capping off the summer with an extra-special treat: a lobster-topped version of its classic Shack burger. The catch (sorry) is that it's only available at two locations, and for a very limited time.

The "Lobster Shack" burger is a collaboration between the Shake Shack team and Eleven Madison Park -- the renowned NYC restaurant SS's founder Danny Meyer started back in 1998. It's essentially a lobster roll on steroids -- a hamburger topped with lettuce, tomato, and fresh Maine lobster tossed in Shake sauce. However, it's only available at the chain's original Madison Square Park location in New York City and a pop-up of Eleven Madison Park (EMP) in East Hampton for an extremely limited time (August 11-13).

If you don't live anywhere near these two locations or don't feel like making a road trip to satisfy your shellfish-on-a-burger-on-a-bun craving, there's a good chance you'll have another chance at some point in the future, since the lobster-topped burger has almost become a Shake Shack summer tradition (it unleashed a similar limited edition lobster burger to locations across the Northeast back in 2015). It's also worth mentioning that lobster isn't the only seafood that'll be on the limited-edition Shake Shack/EMP menu. The Hamptons pop-up will also be serving up Shack burgers topped with crispy little neck clams just for the weekend, along with a handful of other menu items.

And if geography prevents you from getting your hands on a Lobster Shack burger this time around, you could always try something else a little different by getting a taste of the chain's latest secret menu item.

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