Shaq Celebrates the Internet's Gross Toe Jokes with a Sparkling Pedicure

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal is a behemoth in more ways than one. Standing 7’1” and weighing no less than 325 lbs, Shaq is a gargantuan human being and a former genie who can belly dance. Last week, the NBA Hall of Famer made headlines and caught a fair bit of flack when he bared his size 22 feet on TNT's post-game show. The disgust was justified, because Shaq Daddy’s toes looked like charred chicken tenders with a fungal infection. Jokes were cracked, memes were born, and people probably gagged.

But our fair hero got the message, because Shaq got a pedicure. In videos he posted to Instagram Wednesday, Shaq’s ginormous leg spreads outward while a woman -- wearing gloves, of course -- performs the thankless job of lathering him up. 

Being flamboyant and all -- did we mention he’s a former genie who once cut a rap single with a dude named Fu-Schnickens? -- Shaq added a bit of flair to his newly minted toes in the form of gold, sparkling polish.

Shaq clearly did the right thing here. Whether the sparkling nail polish can withstand the wrath of his monstrous feet is another question. 

[h/t Sports Illustrated]

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