Shaq's Weird Toes Caused So Much Chaos Even His Son Apologized

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Shaq himself needs no introduction. Regardless of his laughably bad opinions about the shape of the Earth, the former rapper, actor, and star basketball player is ubiquitous. His individual body parts, however, are a different matter. That's what anyone watching The NBA on TNT learned all too well last night when Shaq revealed what his right big toe looked like to viewers everywhere and the internet at large. Keep in mind, Shaq's a big guy and wears a size 22 shoe, but that doesn't account for his unsettling toes.

“What is that thing where your big toe should be?” Ernie Johnson quipped, asking the question the rest of the world is too afraid to ask.

Proceed with caution. Once you see Shaq's toes, the toes cannot be un-seen.

It caused such a stir online, prompting so many jokes, GIFs, and bad one-liners, that even Shaq's son Shareef O'Neal came out to jokingly apologize.

h/t Bleacher Report

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