Woman Plays Super Calm When Sharks Descend on Her Kayak

Humans act surprised when they find sharks in the ocean. It's a fear that stems from the very real threat of getting eaten, or at least punctured by a gaping jaw full of razor sharp teeth. Which is why it's shocking to see this kayaker not succumb to panic when a big ass Great White swims up right beside her. 

Video of the encounter (shown above) was shot by a marine biologist in Monterrey, California. The scientist has been documenting a growing population of Great Whites in the region for the last four years, per a local ABC report. The woman in the video has probably seen her fair share of the very large beasts roaming the water, because she doesn't freak out like some foolhardy scuba divers have in the past. The footage is eerie: As the camera pans away from the woman, you see that the waters are teeming with sharks, all of which are very close to the shoreline. 

It didn't form the backdrop for Jaws, but Northern and Central California are particularly prone to shark attacks. According to data from Florida Museum of Natural History's International Shark Attack File (ISAF) and the Global Shark Attack File, the state ranks fourth for shark attacks nationwide. South Carolina, Hawaii, and Florida are all a bit more dangerous on the shark-infested-waters front, factoring in ahead of California. 

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