There Are 'Shark Week' Bagels That Look Like Life Preservers For Serious Shark Lovers

"Shark Week" is coming, and so are themed bagels for your morning-after "Shark Week" meals.

shark week bagel
Courtesy of Bagel of the Month Club

"Shark Week" starts August 9, bringing 25 hours of entertainment on all your favorite sharks.  Also, you're getting shows with Shaq, Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, Will Smith, Adam Devine, and others. The long-running series on apex predators brings a lot of passionate shark lovers to the screen. For the die-hards, three to four hours of shark shows a night just isn't enough. 

This year, you can recover from your late-night spent watching Snoop talk sharks with a life-preserver bagel. There's no real reason to do this unless you're serious about "Shark Week." You should be serious enough that you consider yourself the Harlan Pepper of sharks, talking yourself to sleep by listing every kind of shark in existence. If that's you, well, life preserver bagels are probably a nice way to wake up after you stayed up too late thinking of different kinds of sharks. (Have you seen a salmon shark!? It's like a little baby great white!)

The Bagel of the Month Club has let loose a "Shark Week" box you can have shipped from Long Island to your doorstep. It comes with 12 Red & White Lifesaver Mini Bagels, two Everything Bagel Topper Shakers, and a "Shark Week" Great White Bobblehead that will be a real conversation starter on your mantelpiece. It's the same kind of pointless fun that made you want to see if Michael Phelps was faster than a great white and makes you want to find out what happens when Mike Tyson "boxes" a shark this year. 

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.