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Shaun White Prepped for Gold With a $920 'Flying Tomato' Burger

American snowboarder Shaun White won gold in men's halfpipe on Wednesday (Tuesday night United States time). While he continues to face resurfaced allegations of repeated sexual misconduct, the win marked a dramatic comeback for the oldest snowboarder in the competition after he finished fourth in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

How do you prepare to win your third Olympic gold medal? A $920 burger.

A staff member at the Olympics' Phoenix Snow Park told White about a novelty burger named after the 31-year-old Olympian, reports Reuters. White decided to get his hands on the burger dubbed "The Flying Tomato" on Sunday, before White's got underway.

The one-million-won burger was the brainchild of snowboarding instructor turned chef Cha Gwen Sol and his restaurant Santa Burger. “Is it real? This is Shaun White? It is not a dream?" Cha told Reuters after White came into his restaurant. "He ordered from me the Flying Tomato Burger and so I cook it for him. Today is a very happy day."

The burger features two patties, two kinds of cheese, and two chicken wings. (No tomatoes?) In a video posted to Instagram, the description for the burger said, "This burger is only for Shaun White. My wish for your gold medal." That's an intensely specific description and it somehow managed to find its calling.

Cha says he never expected anyone to buy the novelty burger, let alone the Flying Tomato himself. The snowboarding instructor was so happy he gave White the meal for free. Cha saw White again Wednesday, as he already had plans to watch the men's halfpipe final.

Unfortunately, Cha is one of many vendors whose business has suffered because of the Olympics, according to the report. The nearby slopes are closed to the public, leaving local businesses struggling to make ends meet. Locals who lost jobs or are struggling because of the Olympics say organizers failed to work with local businesses to make it profitable for everyone. 

h/t Yahoo! Sports

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