She Tried to Prank Her Dad, But She Underestimated Him

Published On 12/05/2016 Published On 12/05/2016
pranking dad gone wrong
Twitter | @lama__e

If you're an amateur prankster you have to be careful. You don't want to enter a situation without realizing you've encountered a superior prankster. It's easily the most embarrassing way a prank can end. It's what happened to Twitter user @lama_e.

She took her dad for a chump. She tried to pull off a trick where she pretends to move a quarter from under a water bottle to the inside without touching the bottle. When the "audience member" gets their face close to the bottle at the end to inspect the trick, the bottle is squeezed, shooting water into their face. 

Her dad wasn't having it. 

It's not clear if he knew all along or if her "magic magic magic" incantation tipped him off that he wasn't dealing with David Blaine. Either way, he got her before she could get him. In doing so, he launched what might be the greatest dad-burn to have ever graced the internet: "You think I don't watch internet?" 

It's the modern dad's way of saying, 'Don't underestimate me.'

Watch a dad win a round of the imaginary game show Pranking Your Parents on the Internet in the tweet above. 

h/t Inside Hook

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