This Woman's Insane Limbo Stunt Will Make Your Spine Hurt

Here’s a great way to casually kill time while waiting for a flight: Limbo underneath an excessively low chair, and become a viral sensation.

It’s pretty easy when you’re Shemika Charles, the reigning “Limbo Queen” and Guinness World Record holder for lowest limbo. She was recently waiting to fly to Wisconsin from Philadelphia, biding her time in the boarding area, until the urge to limbo struck the nerves radiating down her extremely limber spine. It’s unclear whether or not bystanders urged her to perform the trick, but Charles limboed the hell out of a leather seat in the boarding area. It is nothing short of amazing.

Previously, Charles set the World Record on the Regis & Kelly show. She wore a red leotard during that stunt, because it was a circus trick performed on live television.

That was great Shemika, but let’s see you do it on roller skates.

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