This Brewery Is Releasing a Berries & Cream Beer Inspired by Starburst's Little Lad

We're here for the TikTok trend to beer pipeline.

Courtesy of Shiner Beer
Courtesy of Shiner Beer

It's been a few months since Berries and Crème TikTok dominated our For You Page, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about the Little Lad altogether. In fact, he's still living rent-free in many of our heads, including Shiner Beer's, the brewery that's created its very own classic cream ale inspired by the viral social media trend.

Last week, Shiner announced its latest limited-edition brew, officially dubbed Berries & Cream, in celebration of the nostalgic character's 2021 comeback. The Little Lad first made his debut in a 2007 Starburst ad, which the brand paid homage to upon its TikTok success with a timely Halloween costume sweepstakes in October.

Shiner used its classic cream ale recipe to create the brew, which features an extra helping of specialty wheat malt to give it that smooth, velvet finish—and swirled it together with raspberries and blueberries for a juicy fruit flavor.

"This festive beer is designed to treat our brewery goers to something special," Matt Pechman, head of marketing, said in the press release. "Here at Shiner, we don't take ourselves too seriously. Just like the Little Lad, we love Berries & Cream and are excited to spread joy with our new brew." 

The Texas-based brewery is bringing the fruity, classic cream ale exclusively to its Spoetzl Brewery, where it will be available on tap. If you book a tour, you'll even snag a complimentary sample of the LTD offering.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.