This Side-Facing Apple Charger Solves Your Macbook Plug Problem


Let's be real: for as terrific as the design of a MacBook is, the wall charger is terrible. It's this cumbersome, top-heavy block that wants to fall out of the wall at the drop of a fart. And if you're in a tight squeeze, it's not gonna cooperate.

Finally, somebody solved that problem.

The Blockhead is a side-facing plug for your Apple charger that stays flat against the wall. Behold!



Not only does this plug keep your charger from falling out of the wall, it also protects against cord stress by directing the cord downward, and can fit snugly behind a chair. 

This game-changing device can be purchased here and will cost you $19.95 for one, or $34.94 for two.

It really makes you wonder why Apple didn't just make them this way to begin with. 

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