Guy in Outstanding Silver Surfer Costume 'Surfs' Through NYC for Halloween

Published On 10/31/2016 Published On 10/31/2016

Grabbing the attention of a New Yorker around Halloween can be tough. You're competing with Halloween events taking place all over the city in addition to a fantastic Halloween parade full of costumes that aren't nearly as boring as most. But Jesse Wellens from the PrankvsPrank YouTube channel has managed to draw the attention of almost everyone he passed this week.

With assistance from makeup artist Alexys Fleming, Wellens transformed himself into Marvel Comics' Silver Surfer. The one from that not so great Fantastic Four movie. The costume was even accompanied by a modified electric skateboard to cart him around Manhattan.

Not only did the Silver Surfer grab the attention of New Yorkers, it's grabbed online viewers as well, racking up over a million views in the first 24 hours since it was posted online. That's a better reaction than Marvel got when they released Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Though, Wellens didn't have to compete with Captain America acting like a petulant frat pledge.

Watch the video of the Silver Surfer's trip around New York above.

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