If You Spend 30 Hours in a 'Slightly Used' Coffin, This Amusement Park Will Pay You

six flags coffin

Halloween is working on a pumpkin spice schedule this year, creeping into your life a month earlier than expected. Six Flags is getting ready for Fright Fest and has announced a "30-Hour Coffin Challenge," which is exactly as horrifying as it sounds. (Unless you were expecting something involving an actual corpse.)

On October 13, Six Flags will have six people enter separate 2-by-7 boxes for the chance to win $300. All they have to do is spend a full 30 hours inside a "slightly used" coffin. While that sounds horrible, it's not a full-on Saw situation. Participants will be allowed to take a six-minute bathroom break every hour. Additionally, Six Flags will be providing meals, drinks, and snacks, as well as a phone charger. The six Fear Factor lite contestants are allowed to bring along blankets and a pillow.

It's pretty straightforward, even if it would be really hard to spend more than a full day lying in a coffin for just $300. It's not exactly a life-changing amount of money. 

Whoever endures the test wins the money. If more than one person lasts the full 30 hours, the champion is determined by raffle. In addition to $300, the casket-lying champion wins a pair of season-long park passes, a prize pack, and a handful of other goodies from Six Flags. Although, the winner should probably be awarded an hour-long massage, a bottle of Advil, and a sponge bath for their "bed" sores.

The "30-Hour Coffin Challenge" will only be held at the Six Flags location in St. Louis. If you want to participate you'll need to register by October 3. All "coffin dwellers" will be selected on October 4 and must confirm their participation by October 6.

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