Watch This Skier Parachute Away From an Avalanche at the Last Second

You don't pick up high-speed alpine skiing because you particularly value safety. Striking out alone on a mountain, speeding over and between rocks, generally shredding the gnar, is not a great way to keep your bones intact. The most terrifying part of it all might be the potential for a mountain of snow to chase you like the opening set piece of an Indiana Jones movie, without the delightfully triumphant music. 

For a look at just how real this possibility is, watch the video above. You're seeing Maxence Cavalade use a parachute to speedride down Mont Charvet in France. Things seem to be going well, and only as terrifying as the sport inherently is, but then it takes a turn. You can't see it right away, but it soon becomes clear that Cavaladeis actively fleeing an avalanche. Just as the snow seems about to overtake him, he takes flight using the parachute and floats safely out of reach of the snow -- and is pretty chill about the whole thing. 

Granted, the snow was probably triggered by his own skiing, but he clearly wasn't expecting a full-on disaster. This would be a much different video if he hadn't been using the parachute anyway. 

So, who wants to go skiing?  

h/t Sploid 

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