New, Super-Sour Skittles Shriekers Are on the Way

They’re reportedly frightfully sour.

Photo Courtesy of Skittles

It’s never too early for elaborate costume aficionados and candy lovers to start thinking about Halloween. For the former, it might be too early in the year to tell what the trendiest costume will be come October 31 (last year’s most searched was just general “witch,” but Fortnite was up there, too), but for the latter, we’re already catching a glimpse of some incoming candies like Froot Loops gummies

New Skittles Shriekers will also scream into stores sometime before candy’s biggest day, according to Delish. The reportedly super-sour variety is appropriately fashioned for the season, featuring an orange wrapper printed with a ghoulish skeleton and a warning that reads: BEWARE! TRY IF YOU DARE. The flavors include citrus scream, ghoulish green apple, rattled raspberry, shocking lime, and spine-tingling tangerine, according to the outlet.

How far in advance of Halloween you’ll be able stock up on these new treats is unclear. 

[L]ater this year, we’ll be offering a daring surprise with Skittles Shriekers,” brand reps told Thrillist, in part, via email. We’ll update as soon as we can scare up more information. 

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