Slack Went Down and People Forgot How to Work

slack down twitter reaction

Slack, a messaging platform used in many workplaces, went down on Tuesday. It caused panic in many offices, as though aliens had landed and revealed they didn't have peaceful intentions. 

In a post, Slack announced the outage was causing widespread service problems that impacted "a majority of customers." It lasted only an hour, but it was plenty of time for Slack to become a trending topic on social media, surpassing larger news stories like former White House strategist and double button-up wearer Steve Bannon stepping down from Breitbart or the release of the Fusion GPS transcript from the Senate Judiciary Committee's inquiry into the "Trump-Russia Dossier."

Thankfully, everyone who forgot how to work without Slack provided entertainment on social media, ensuring that their time without Slack wasn't totally wasted.

If you don't spend time in a workplace that uses Slack, this might have been the first time you heard about the platform. There was plenty of confusion among people who don't use it.

Slack was almost down long enough a little introspection. It was almost time to take a good, hard look at whether we might be too dependent on... Oh, look! Slack is back.

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