Man's Sleep Tracking App Records Hilarious, Unexpected Noises

Sleep is hard when you snore, or talk, or constantly attack your partner during night terrors. That's why society invented sleep tracking apps, for people who are self-conscious about what sort of noises -- or elaborate plots against loved ones -- they're making in their sleep. 

But what about farting? We don't talk about that enough. Besides the other week, when the internet was screaming about Elon Musk wanting to make Teslas that fart instead of honk. But one man faced a harsh reality this week when he tried to record his sleep and found the app had only picked up a series of toots. It promptly went viral.

"Bro, fuck this sleep recorder app," user @fin_costick wrote in a tweet that included a screen record video of his sleep app experience.

I won't describe the specific sounds. Listen for yourself, and analyze his health levels. And, whether or not it was their place, Twitter users had a lot to say: 

And what did @fin_costick have to say for himself? 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.