This App Gives You Rewards for Ordering Pizza from Local Businesses

Slice Rewards is a new program that pays you for supporting local pizzerias.

In the age of convenience, it's tempting to stave off hunger by hitting re-order in the Domino's app and sitting back till pizza arrives at your door. But does Domino's really need your money? Probably not as much as your local neighborhood pizzerias do.

Slice is a pizza ordering service that popped up to champion the cause for supporting independent pizzerias. It's like Seamless, but it only features local pizza shops and it doesn't take nearly as much money from them. You can place orders for delivery and pickup, but best of all, the company just introduced Slice Rewards, which it's calling the nation's biggest pizza rewards program.

Here's how Slice Rewards works. Customers earn one point for every order over $15 that's placed through the mobile app or website. When you collect eight points, you will earn a free large cheese pizza worth up to $25. It's like a digital stamp card, except instead of earning "stamps" straight through the pizzerias, you earn them through Slice. In case you're curious, you don't need to order pizza to collect a point—even if you ordered $15 of wings and salad from a pizzeria in Slice's network, it counts.

To get in on Slice Rewards, just sign up for an account with Slice. If you already have one, you're automatically a member. When you place an order, Slice will automatically reward you a point, and as a little gift, it'll give you one point for free upon signing up.

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