Video Captures Bungee Cord Snapping on That Already Terrifying Slingshot Ride

Amusement rides are the perfect death traps. Just ask anyone who’s watched Final Destination 3, or suffers from anxiety, or has heard the rickety protest of a wooden roller coaster. But you’ve got to admit that it’s not often you hear real amusement park fails. That’s why, as an avid ride protester, I am delighted to bring you this video. 

Last Saturday, at Cobra Amusement Park in Florida, a bungee cord on the Vertical Accelerator Ride snapped right before the two passengers were to be vertically launched into the sky. Krissy Hurst, a sister-in-law and acquaintance to the two men onboard, captured the incident and posted a video of the moment on Facebook

Once the operator pushes the ride’s "go" lever and the cord snaps into a million dusty threads, the man on the left keeps his arms raised for a while before lowering them hesitantly, as if he’s just peeved by the delay. The man beside him, in the tone of someone commenting monotonously on the weather, says “it’s broken.” 

Meanwhile, someone off-screen screams, “Holy shit, we just dodged death.” People laugh a bit too hysterically. Nobody was hurt.

After all that hoopla, the passengers got off. While the guys appeared to have handled it well, Hurst later told Fox 13 that they are still “completely freaking out.” 

The ride was closed for a bit, but is reportedly running again now because human beings are very talented at believing they'll never die. 

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Ruby Anderson is a news writer for Thrillist.