Watch This Maniac Submerge Himself in a Giant Water Balloon Until it Bursts

You'd think there's really only so much fun you can have with a balloon, but then again you haven't met the Slow Mo Guys. The YouTubers pull all sorts of idiotic stunts with massive balloons, often filling them to the brim with water and using themselves as guinea pigs for your sordid and very sopping-wet enjoyment. 

As part of their "Big Balloon June" segment -- which last saw Dan crushed under a massive, swelling balloon -- the duo decided to really carve out a groundbreaking niche in the field of hair-brained stunts by going where no one has gone before: inside a balloon completely filled with hose water. Apart from the opening banter -- which lasts quite a long time -- there's a minefield of hilarious imagery, here, such as this shot of Dan sitting in the balloon, looking like an adorable Cabbage Patch Kid awaiting a presumably torturous fate:


Dan eventually decides to venture inside the balloon, armed with a screwdriver, just in case he needs to pry himself out in the event of an emergency. He writhes around for a couple seconds before the balloon explodes, which is an incredibly satisfying thing to watch in slow-motion: 

Let's hope he brought a super absorbent towel. 

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