Watching a Pellet Gun Destroy Sticks of Deodorant Is So Satisfying

The Slow Mo Guys have returned with another ridiculously cool slow-motion video. In the past we've watched them get hit in the face with Taco Bell and soccer balls, blow up footballs and watermelons, and destroy 1,000 tubes of GoGurt with extreme prejudice. This time they bought a stick of deodorant with the intention of firing air pistol bullets through them, and filming the destruction at 120,000 frames per second. 

As to the logic behind using sticks of deodorant for their "experiment," the Slow Mo Guys claimed: "They're sort of good for showing an entrance and exit wound. They're sort of goopy, but after the damage is done, they hold their form." Or they just despise Old Spice.

After admitting the video won't actually provide much medically useful information, they got to the business: shooting sticks of deodorant with air pellets from as many angles as they possibly could. The results are hypnotizing. Never has an obliterated target looked so fresh afterward; you can even still use the deodorant after its been blown apart.

h/t The Slow Mo Guys

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