Smashburger Just Launched the First Nationally Available Plant-Based Milkshake

Smashburger now has the first nationally-available plant-based milkshake.

smashburger plant-based milkshakes
Courtesy of Eclipse Foods
Courtesy of Eclipse Foods

It's been a while since the arrival of plant-based burgers at fast food and fast casual chains was big news. It's expected now. Almost all of them offer something like Burger King's Impossible Whopper or Carl's Jr.'s Beyond Famous Star with Cheese. (Though, Wendy's doesn't have one, and McDonald's is moving slowly)

Grocery stores are flooded with plant-based milk, cheese, chicken, and even seafood, but those products have filtered through to restaurants at a more glacial pace. Smashburger, however, is about to bring in a new item that similar chains haven't dared touch. It has just added a plant-based milkshake to the menu. The company says these are the first nationally-available plant-based milkshakes in the US.

The plant-based, dairy-free ice cream products come from Eclipse Foods in a partnership that makes its debut on June 21 at Smashburger locations nationwide. 

The menu features six plant-based milkshake flavors including Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Tangerine Dream, Peanut Butter, and Oreo. There are some classic milkshake flavors on the menu, including strawberry, which appears to be increasingly popular after Wendy's ditched its Vanilla Frosty for the summer to add a Strawberry Frosty. Though, Smashburger will dress up its milkshake a whole lot more than that fast food comparison. 

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