You Get a Free Chicken Sandwich Because This Chain Is Subtly Trolling Chick-fil-A

Sandwiches as far as the eye can see.

smashburger free chicken sandwich
Courtesy of Smashburger

When you think about chain restaurants publicly trolling each other, Smashburger isn't the feisty face of the occasionally annoying marketing tactic. But it's nonetheless jumping into the mix. Though, the burger joint is certainly going for a less in-your-face brand of trolling the competition than Wendy's having a Roast Day

Smashburger announced that it's celebrating Pride on June 28 the way big companies usually do: selling things. What it's offering is, however, a pretty alluring deal. You can grab a free Crispy Chicken Smash sandwich with the purchase of another one

The chain's announcement goes out of its way to say "yes, they're open on Sunday," an obvious reference to Chick-fil-A's famous policy of closing on Sundays. Throwing that into an announcement tied to Pride feels loaded, given Chick-fil-A's unappetizing history of giving large donations to anti-LGBTQIA organizations

“Smashburger knows that its guests are not only burger lovers but chicken lovers too, and this sandwich encourages fans to indulge their taste buds in total comfort no matter their preference,” Carl Bachmann, President at Smashburger, said in a statement about the chain's Pride promotion without mentioning Pride at all.

The Crispy Chicken Smash has been around for a while, but Smashburger redesigned the sandwich in January as quick-service restaurants attempted to arm themselves in the Chicken Sandwich Wars. Smashburger's reinvention of the sandwich was basically just to make the same sandwich, but 70% bigger. But if that's a sandwich you like, it's a whole lot bigger now.

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