Smirnoff's Limited Edition Hard Seltzer Is Sugar-Free and Multi-Flavored

Red, White & Berry hard Seltzer is here to make your Memorial Day seem different than other days.

Courtesy of Smirnoff
Courtesy of Smirnoff
Courtesy of Smirnoff

Some people prefer other hard seltzers to White Claw. I have no idea why, but you can ask the population of New Jersey, who for some reason prefers Bud Light's boozy water to the Claw. But now vodka king Smirnoff is about to confuse New Jersey even further -- or maybe win the hearts of the entire nation -- with its latest release of Red, White & Berry Hard Seltzer.

Tons of brands threw a can into the market during the Summer of Seltzer, but these releases have slowed significantly since 2019. This is why Smirnoff's release is so exciting. Not only is the drink multi-flavored and sugar-free (most seltzers are low sugar), it also suggests that we might see some new releases coming down the pike as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July approaches. 

Pardon my conspiratorial tone -- I've been holed up in my apartment, drinking excessively, too. But even if there are no new releases, you might not even care to shop around. Smirnoff's new beverage is flavored "red, white, and blue" meaning it's a blend of cherry, citrus, and blue raspberry. Each can has an ABV of 4.5% and is 90 calories, which is 10 calories less than a White Claw. 

You can order the beverage online right now, for about $18 a 12 pack. It's only available for a limited time, so get to ordering and seltzer icing your roommates ASAP.

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