These New Smirnoff Ice Gift Boxes Are Disguised as High-End Appliances

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Courtesy of Smirnoff
Courtesy of Smirnoff

Smirnoff Ice was at the center of my 19th birthday, when I was a dumb freshman in college. The term "icing" -- the act of hiding a bottle of Smirnoff Ice and making the lucky recipient of the malt beverage get on one knee and chug the entire contents of the bottle -- had just been introduced to me a month prior. Because my friends and I were still teenagers, we were eager to commence what we viewed as a milestone of college and adulthood by partaking in the tradition of icing one another.

So during my 19th birthday party, when I opened a present and all it contained was a lone, 24oz bottle of Smirnoff, I ceremoniously got down on one knee and proceeded to gulp all of the bubbly, citrus-flavored beverage in a single go. I spent the rest of the night clutching my stomach and burping while everyone around me had a good time because I thought it was good and normal to drink that much carbonated alcohol in the span of a few minutes.

If you, like me, have a college story that is somehow intertwined with Smirnoff Ice -- and it's one that you want to relive -- then this news is perfect for you. Smirnoff is partnering with a fake luxury appliance brand called "Cremsiffino," which in all honesty is just an anagram for Smirnoff Ice, to sell gift boxes that inconspicuously hide Smirnoff Ices in them.

"Since its launch which defined a new category, Smirnoff Ice has a history of being unconventional and adding fun to any occasion, which is why we created the Cremsiffino gift boxes as the perfect white elephant gift this holiday season," Krista Kiisk, the brand director of Smirnoff, said in a press release. "With the Cremsiffino boxes, we've turned what can be a boring gifting moment into delicious, unforgettable fun, and the gift giver into the party legend. At its core, Smirnoff Ice believes that the holidays should be full of laughter and good times -- it's that simple!" 

I can guarantee you that if you are a grown adult partaking in an "icing," people will laugh at you. And they will have a good time, but you may not with all that fizz. Nevertheless, if you're interested in pretending you're 19 again, you can purchase the secret Smirnoff Ice gift box here for $20. Feeling young and dumb is priceless.

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