S'mores Bourbon Has Arrived for Your Boozy Late-Summer Campfires

There's a s'mores-flavored whiskey available now to bring spirit to your campfire.

s'mores whiskey
Courtesy of Hotel Tango
Courtesy of Hotel Tango

Whiskey is coming to your late-summer campfire like a swarm of mosquitos. 

Hotel Tango Distillery has released 'Shmallow Toasted Marshmallow Bourbon. It's the distillery's attempt to meld bourbon and s'mores. It's not distilled in a way that evokes a hint of marshmallows. This is instead a flavored whiskey that brings the sweet, slightly smokey profile of s'mores right into the spirit.

"As the flavored whiskey category continues to grow, we wanted to create a spirit that was as approachable as it is adaptable," said Travis Barnes, Hotel Tango Distillery founder and CEO. "'Shmallow is our off-duty take on bourbon. Distilled with the same discipline as all our spirits, bourbon enthusiasts will appreciate 'Shmallow's sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavor profile, while rookie bourbon drinkers will want to sip it on its own or with their favorite mixer."

It's labeled as a bourbon, but it might make sense to think of it as a bottled cocktail with how it tastes. It almost works as a s'mores-themed old fashioned when poured on its own over a little ice. It pours so sweet that the top of the bottle will get sticky after your first glass. But with a powerful marshmallow and graham cracker flavor, it's a distinctive mixer for cocktails.

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