The Best Movie Theater Snacks of All Time

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Welcome to Snack Talk, Thrillist’s brand-new YouTube series that’s literally all about snacks -- the ones we love, the ones we hate, and the ones we all end up eating anyway. Join host Justin Warner and celebrity guests as they dive deep into the world of cheese dust with new episodes every Friday at 2pm ET on Thrillist’s YouTube channel.

When you have to part with $15 or more just for a movie ticket, chances are you won’t have much cash left to spend on laughably expensive snacks at the theater’s concession stand. So, in the event that you do need something to mindlessly munch on during a movie enough to justify the cost, it’s absolutely imperative that you choose wisely from the array of boxed, bagged, or buttered foods. But which ones are worth the chunk of your rent money, and which ones are better off rotting in the seat cushion creases?

Well, we turn to none other than self-proclaimed "snackologist," comedian, and Wet Hot American Summer star Michael Ian Black to help you with this monumentally important snacking decision on this week's episode of the new Thrillist series, Snack Talk. Black joins host Justin Warner for an Oscar-style snack awards ceremony, featuring four categories: Best Supporting Snack, Best Foreign Snack, Best Short, and Best Snacktor/Snacktress. Nominees are a range of everything from dried squid (think the seafood version of beef jerky) to the Sno-Caps that are ubiquitous here. Some of the winners may surprise you.

Of course, popcorn is a favorite to win the ultimate award for Best Snacktor/Snacktress, but will Black defy the time-honored popcorn-movie pairing and choose an underdog like nachos or chicken tenders? Check out the full episode (shown above) to find out. Oh, and don't miss the part when professional competitive eater Crazy Legs Conti helps Black and Warner to the bottom of why popcorn became the go-to movie snack in the first place.

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Tony Merevick is Senior News Editor at Thrillist and usually just sticks with popcorn, if anything. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.