Watch This Snake Video and You'll Never Leave Your Door Open Again

Whether they're camouflaged, Caged, or cobras, snakes have a habit of terrifying just about everyone. So when one slithers up to your backyard and invades your home, it's safe to say most reactions are going to be justified. They're snakes, after all. All in all, a Reddit user going by the handle JRM2 kept a (relative) level of cool in a video he posted this week, depicting a long black snake doing just that.

"Oh, sh--" he says, filming the snake while simultaneously watching it head toward his house before the video cuts. He doesn't make any attempt to stop it, presumably because snakes are bloody terrifying and getting bitten by one would make even bravest among us quake with dread.

The snake continues its path, slithering under boards and behind ladders and other odds and ends in JRM2's yard before eventually disappearing through an open door into his house.

"Oh, that's bad," he says in the video.

Fortunately JRM2 reassured his fellow Redditors that it doesn't appear to be a venomous snake. They identified it as either a rat snake or a black racer in many of the comments. Still terror-inducing, but at least nonvenomous.

h/t Mashable

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