This Snake Vomits Another Live Snake, Because Nature Is Horror

Snakes frequently do horrifying things like being nightmarishly large or smuggled across borders. The silver lining is these horrors usually occur in Australia and aren't your problem. Yet, this video of one serpent's cold, hard reality comes from Texas.

In the video, a snake is damn near done with its meal of another snake when something strange happens. It starts to spit its dinner back up. Christopher Reynolds, who shot the video, suggests the black snake is made nervous by the presence of the gawking humans. No matter what the cause, the snake begins to regurgitate the snake it was eating and -- dear god -- the one that had a good view of snake guts moments ago is still alive. 

A similar video of an African rock python attempting to swallow an antelope whole recently went viral. The python regurgitated the antelope as well, hoping to avoid being captured by nearby humans. 

Snakes and humans may not be able to relate on deodorant preferences of the finer points of mouse cuisine, but there does appear to be a middle section to the Venn diagram. Both people and snakes know disgusting, frightening humans can totally ruin a meal.

h/t Mashable

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