Huge Snake Swallows an Antelope Whole, Immediately Regrets It

Published On 03/16/2017 Published On 03/16/2017

While giving up on stuffing more food into your face is probably a bit of a rarity at this point in your life, chances are you occasionally overestimate your appetite, say, when you order a super-sized slice of pizza bigger than an entire damn pie. Turns out a similar realization of defeat happens elsewhere in nature, too, as evidenced by a recent video of a giant snake attempting to eat an antelope whole.

The footage appears to show a nearly 13ft-long African rock python regurgitating a partially digested antelope after a snake catcher attempted to capture it on a farmer's land, according to a report by Sploid. Although the snake was minding its own damn business, it was forced to choose between lazily enjoying its enormous lunch or throwing it up so it could evade capture. As you can see in the somewhat graphic video (shown above), the pissed off creature chose the latter and barfed up a whole antelope. 

But as the report smartly points out, you might want to hold off on your "bit off more than it could chew" jokes, because pythons don't actually chew anything. Learn something new every day. 

h/t Sploid

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