This Guy’s Brutal Rap About Snapchat’s Redesign Is Super Relatable

Snapchat, purveyor of disappearing video and photo messages favored by teens worldwide, recently changed its in-app presentation, and the response among users wasn't pretty. The redesign has presented problems for even the most seasoned, expert users of the app, who have lamented not being able to send selfies with computer-generated dog ears to their fans. Prominent in the mix is YouTuber Leek Jack, who expressed his anti-Snap sentiment through the powerful medium of rap. 

Jack tweeted his rap on Tuesday evening, and it's amassed a flurry of views and engagement from people who ostensibly fear change, especially when it comes to social media apps: 

Leek would like his message to travel directly to the ears of Snap Inc. CEO Adam Spiegel, who called the redesign "simpler and easier to use, especially for older users" in the company's full-year earnings call earlier this month. 

"I go to people's story and I'm sitting there confused, then I check on my own story and I barely got some views," Leek rapped. 

Leek's viral message follows a seemingly global effort to convince Snapchat it made a bad move: a petition currently making the rounds calls on the company to reverse course, and it's close to nearing its goal of 1.5 million signatures as of Thursday afternoon. 

The petition's author, Australian user Nic Rumsey, wrote: 

"There is a general level of annoyance among users and many have decided to use a VPN app, or are using other risky apps or steps, to go back to the old Snapchat as that’s how annoying this new update has become. "

While it was previously possible to revert back to the older, favored version of Snapchat by using a series of simple steps, that option has since been eliminated by the company, which is pushing out its redesign full-tilt. 

If only there was another, strictly mobile social media platform influencers and their adoring fans could use. 

h/t Mashable

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