Nintendo's SNES Classic Edition Adds a Huge New Feature to 21 Retro Games

As if playing Final Fantasy III, Super Mario Kart, and 19 other classic games on Nintendo's new SNES Classic Edition wasn't enough to leaving you foaming at the mouth with '90s nostalgia, it looks like the company revealed yet another reason to yearn for the miniature console ahead of its official launch on September 29 in the form of a game-changing new feature. No, really, it will literally change the way you play the built-in games.

On Tuesday, while everyone was freaking the hell out trying to pre-order the device, Nintendo announced the SNES Classic Edition will come with a new "Rewind" feature, that could very well help you beat particularly hard levels in some games. As the gaming giant explains, the feature "lets players rewind their gameplay to retry tricky sections, pick up missed items or simply run through an area again to see if anything was missed." In other words, you may finally advance beyond that mine cart level in Donkey Kong Country

Rewind will vary depending on what game you're playing. For example, the feature will allow you to go back as much as a few minutes in role-playing games like Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, but the time will be limited to around 40 seconds in action games like Super Mario World, according to Nintendo. The console will also sport the same "Suspend Points" save function that came on the NES Classic Edition. A teaser trailer (shown above) gives a brief glimpse of what rewinding will look like.

While the ability to rewind will almost certainly make games easier, it sadly won't help with getting your hands on an SNES Classic, of course. As of Tuesday afternoon, pre-orders for the $80 system appeared to be sell out at most retailers, if not across the board, in just minutes. For what it's worth, Nintendo has already promised more stock available on launch day, saying, "a significant amount of additional systems will be shipped to stores for launch day, and throughout the balance of the calendar year." See you in line on launch day. 

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