SNES Classic Pre-Orders Delayed by Amazon and Customers Aren't Happy

Courtesy Nintendo

The disastrous rollout of Nintendo's SNES Classic continues apace. One month after Walmart cancelled a glut of pre-orders for the nostalgia-baiting console, Amazon notified customers yesterday that its own early shipments are experiencing delays. In an email sent to customers, the e-commerce giant explained that its "working hard to ensure that you get this item as soon as it is in stock."

The lauded console retails for $80 and packs 30 built-in games such as Donkey Kong CountryFinal Fantasy IIISuper Mario Kart, and Star Fox 2, the unreleased sequel to the '90s staple, Star Fox. Gaming aficionados are understandably eager to get their hands on one, and the Amazon snafu only increases the tension leading up to the SNES Classic's September 29 release. 

So naturally, customers are peeved and expressing their impatience on the internet's eternal echo-chamber, Twitter:

Amazon, typically known for reliability, hasn't exactly handled its supply of SNES Classics with its trademark poise. Along with Best Buy, the company initially opened pre-order sales for the console in the middle of the night, while many people were asleep. Demand was strong enough, though, as multiple retailers still sold out within a matter of minutes

As noted in the email, Amazon is still expected to fulfill all pre-orders, so the key takeaway is to remain calm. But judging by the chaotic release of Nintendo's NES Classic, which basically disappeared from the market after selling out literally everywhere, there might be more issues on the horizon.

[h/t Gamespot] 

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