Snoop Dogg Can't Deal With How Candy Canes Are Made

Snoop Dogg narration makes everything better. This video is proof. Snoop doing a cooking show with Martha Stewart is proof. His voice even makes going to the grocery store feel like an illicit act, which is probably why you can set your GPS to have him tell you where to go.

Tuesday on Jimmy Kimmel Live they played another round of having Snoop watch the Science Channel's How It's Made. Kimmel calls his version "Howz It Mizzade" and even though that show is already fantastic, it gets better.

Kimmel makes Snoop try to guess what's being made in front of him and offer commentary. It features such beautiful notes as "It look like The Blob. Remember the movie The Blob?" and "Now he's taking some hot bumblebee pee."

For a second he settles on frisbees before he is horrified to learn that he's just watched a candy cane get made. "I'm never eating a candy cane again," he says, "because that was bullshit right there."

This is almost as good as watching him lose his damn mind over how hot dogs are made.

h/t Foodbeast

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